Do or Do Not, There is No Try | J--5-19-2019

Do or Do Not, There is No Try | J--5-19-2019


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Continuing to work on the Wes Bos React course. Loving it so far! It's challenging, but I think I'm getting a solid feel for React design patterns.

Worked out my upper back yesterday with - 30 lb, x15 reps, 3 sets - of rows. A little tension, but the muscles still feel fresh; likely, because I haven't lifted weights in some time. After repeated use over a few weeks I should feel the standard muscle fatigue.

I'm been avoiding going for a walk. I know I need to maintain at least 3 miles per day if I want to lose substantial weight. I'm finding it hard to pull the trigger on it. I suppose I should just lace up my shoes and go.

Had a few day dreams this morning as I revisited some aspects of my past; friendships where my best friend was speaking poorly behind my back. While in hindsight, I realize some of the people I grew up with did not have my best interests in mind, I still feel some nostalgic pull to the past.

Perhaps I feel a pull to the past because as a teen everything was new to me. I didn't have strong standards for who I was friends with. I just spent time with people who wanted to spend time with me.

As I've aged, I've come to realize how taxing and toxic people close to me can be; even some family members. Those we keep closest to us influence our thoughts and actions in a strong way.

Maybe I'm nostalgic for the sense of ignorance and adventure. A time when I didn't understand human nature. A time when I didn't recognize my limitations, skills & limited talents.

I need to find a way to make piece with the fact, day dreaming about my potential is pointless. Merely mental masturbation.

Why waste time & energy thinking about things that will never be?

The only true road to success is doing what needs to be done while living in the moment.

Who would Elon Musk be if he just thought about Pay Pal, Tesla, Space X & solar City? All good ideas. But, they would be just that, if dreamed about; ideas.

It took Elon nearly 10 years of working 80 hour work weeks, nearly bankrupting himself, while borrowing money from friends to keep Space X in the game.

This year is a time to stop dreaming & start doing. I am not on Elon Musk's level of drive nor determination, but I can still doing something meaningful with my life.

Now, I need a problem I want to dedicate my life to solving. I need a burden to bear to give my life more meaning. I need something to fill my time with, other than dreaming & escaping reality.

Reality is a harsh mistress, but sometimes if you fuck her as hard as she fucks you, you can leave some people awestruck & wanting more.

Question(s) for readers:

  1. What are a few ways you keep yourself engaged & focused?
  2. What is a large problem you want to play a part in solving in your lifetime? Why?