How to Handle Burnout | Twitter Chat

How to Handle Burnout | Twitter Chat


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Hi all,

I often have meaningful heartfelt conversations with friends on Twitter.

Sometimes they share advice, other times it's me. I want to bring these meaningful conversations to more people, so you can benefit too. Let me know how you like this new format.

Original Post

"I'm so stressed I'm physically sick I need suggestions Twitter fam" -JP (OP)

Thread 1

"Go to the doctor. Commit to therapy. I mean if you are physically might have progressed beyond just stress." - TT

"Fam this is the right answer.

When it's interfering with your life, time to get help." - JP2

"Yall right" - JP

Thread 2

"Exercise. Try to set a PR. Will take ur mind to focus on something else. Art. Do something requiring you to focus on something else." - EH

"The only PR I know is pull request 😢😢" - JP

"Love it!" EH

Thread 3

"Walk for 45 minutes per day. Get more sun. Use f.flux to dim screen on PC. Try going to bed before 10pm. Take melatonin for deeper sleep. Eat breakfast. Meditate. Cut out caffeine. Cut out sugar. Cut carbs. Take cold showers." -BNS

"Also get a 17oz/500ml water bottle like this and fill it 4 times every day. You'll know it's working when you start going to the bathroom more often!" - AK

"How can u cut coffee and sugar.." - MK

"You will get withdraws lol Best thing to do is record the amount you consume & then slowly reduce it every day." - BNS

"I'm not a coffee drinker so that isnt a problem. I did sleep pretty well last night and feel better" - JP

Meaningful Comments

"Meditate. Yoga. Relax. Eat better. Treat yourself to a weekend off." -R

"Go to sleep" - CKD

"Celery extract (lowers BP), pedialyte (electrolyte restoration), a walk (bloodflow) and a few quiet nights to yourself." - Thrill

"Music. Be still. If something is beyond your control try not to worry yourself. Calm." - SM

"Take a break if you have not done so in long time." -Mu

"Deep breathes and assessing how small even the worse case scenario is in the long term so it will all be gooddddd." - EV

"Good sleep. Meditate. Exercise" - SM

"Pray !" - F

"Fucking sleep!!!" -MF

"Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s the killer of all happiness. Stop comparing yourself to an ideal version of yourself. Just focus on the day. If you work hard, you’ll make progress." - BNS

"Practice being in the moment. Take life in one day. If that’s too much, take it by the hour, minute or even second. You are not your work. To strive is great. But, not when you stress about the future and things that haven’t happened yet." - BNS

"You’re a tough and stubborn person. You’re ill because of determination and focus. It’s a double edged sword. I developed panic attacks because I pushed too hard. If you experiencing things like that make changes now! Or it’ll fuck your up for a few years. Trust me." - BNS

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Let me know how you like this new format in the comments below or via Twitter.