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Missed a couple of journal days this week. After several recruiter calls & in-person interviews this week I lost a bit of my steam.

Finally back at it. Missed exercise yesterday & slept for 12+ hours. Guess I needed it lol.

Went for a walk / jog this morning. Going to work out my quads with some squats today. Been slacking on my vlog & learning more React.

Jumping into React after I finish writing this. Then send out my weekly newsletter.

Currently ran into an undefined issue while trying to persist my React state on Firebase. So reviewing the code will be my first task. I think I'll work on it for 30 min, whether I fix it or not & then move on to the next task to keep some momentum.

Engagement on Twitter has been poor. I may need to start following more people to keep up the rate shrugs.

Finally, found a way to officially delete my Facebook account. Feels good it be rid of it & Instagram.

Been listening to the Ramit Sethi โ€” Automating Finances, Negotiating Prenups, Disagreeing with Tim, and More (#371)

Great listen! Highly recommended!

On second thought. Doing the newsletter next instead of React lol