Woke up a bit late this morning but, I defiantly needed to sleep in. I only got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep the night before.

Just got off a recruiter call for a 4 week, full stack remote consulting gig. I'm excited to see how this one plays out. I haven't worked short term projects like this before, but I decided to give myself a little padding at asked for $55 per hour.

Work hunt aside, I'm excited about the additions I made to my personal website yesterday. I added a feedback & article section. I think I'll start going through my git hub repos and re-purposing a lot of notes & content I have into articles for my site. That will help improve my SEO & marketability.

Slacking on the video creation bit of but I'm thankful I have been consistent with writing and creating content that way. Last night I also syndicated a few of my blog articles on Dev.to & Hackernoon for more exposure.

In the future I think I'll follow a format of publishing to my blog & sharing on social media a week ahead of syndicating else where. Hopefully that week will tell Google where the articles are originating from.

At present my system will be Blog -> Dev.to -> FreeCodeCamp / Hackernoon -> YouTube Video (if the article has traction)

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Just make sure to set the canonical tag straight when you republish your posts elsewhere, otherwise, Google may think that you stole the content from those platforms.

I've seen cases where people stole content from other platforms, and then published it elsewhere under their name, and that content ranked better than the original one. Not fair, but Google trusts websites with higher domain authority more.

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Thanks Syed Fazle Rahman I didn't know Medium had an importer that did this! :)

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Well, it's kind of a hidden feature, I was surprised when I found out that too.