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I’ve been a bit sluggish and low productivity the past couple of days, but it’s likely due to the recruiter calls. I wish I weren’t so drained from speaking to 4-5 people per day.

On the upside, I was extended a 2 month contact to hire opportunity with OM / Car Joy. Hopefully I can sign the paperwork and be on boarded in a week or two.

Otherwise, taking the day kinda chill. Will convert some content from my GitHub to my personal site today.

I haven’t had the enthusiasm to create YouTube videos recently. I don’t know how full time you tubers do it without burning out.

I think I’ve been eating too much sugar/carbs it seems to be zapping my energy.

Today’s journal sounds like a bit of a vent fest. Not sure what else to write to make it to 200 words today.

I should get out of the house and do something, maybe the park. Or find a programming meetup to attend. I don’t have a laptop / so that is one thing that has been holding back from attending a meetup. However, I suppose I could take notes and use an IDE on my phone - worse case scenario.

Woo, made it to 200. See you tomorrow.