Productive morning | J--5-20-2019

I had a feeling yesterday; this week will be a promising week for my job hunt.

This morning it was serendipitous; Daniel from CarJoy - a small startup in Orlando - reached out to me via LinkedIn.

I'm excited for what to future holds, but trying to remain grounded. My mind has a habit of drifting off on flights of fancy.

I'm rather productive today, despite the six hours of sleep last night. I'm completing task more quickly than expected.

A little sleep deprivation in sometimes the kick in the face I need to stop thinking & start doing.

Last night, I wrote out several ideas and tasks to perform today. I'm optimistic I will complete 90% of what I set out to do today.

I made sure to add time to nap.

That way I'll have enough stamina to study & work on a CSS / HTML library I started to put together.

I have too many projects up in the air. I'd like to commit to this library so that I have something personalized for my future projects.

Always look for the "force multiplier".

Looking forward to writing out exercises and stretches I did while in the military.

It's time to get structured with my fitness habit. It clearly is helping my mental health.

Reworking my LinkedIn & resume later, to stress my front-end development experience.

Enjoying Hashnode so far!

Only issue I ran into is trying to figure out how to format an iFrame to add a Mail Chimp opt in form. Otherwise, everything else the platform is exactly what I was looking for in a Medium alternative.

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Great post. Keep on this way.

Btw, Meditation has been a tremendous tool in my morning routine to be more grounded.

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There use many forms of meditation, choose the one that suits you best.

Here are some:

  • Breath deeply without pushing your limits, just focus on the air flowing in and out, when thoughts arrive acknowledge them and get back to your breathing feelings.
  • Observe your thoughts. Observe every thought poping out in you mind ("My back is hurting", "I must remember to buy xxxx", "Damn my thoughts are out of control"...) let them just appear and observe them without judgement.
  • Empty your mind, kill every thought appearing with a smiling "yes" and get back to an empty mind.

10 minutes everyday (consistency is key) will be fine.

And remember, that there's no "failure" of any kind, just do it. After few weeks you should notice some changes.

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Hey Benjamin! We are aware of the Mailchimp issue and are working on a fix. I'll message you once it's pushed to prod. :)

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Benjamin N. Spak Thank you! I think the option to toggle makes sense! We'll add that.

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Sandeep Panda You're welcome, happy to help. I'd enjoy being a team member and helping Hashnode grow ^_^