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Got a bunch done last night! Only about 2 hours of sleep, but kicking ass and taking names.


Finally got my Patreon page setup & already got my first supporter! Wayne is awesome!



I did a calendar rework last night to help increase my productivity. I'm excited about the repeatable template.

One thing that really stuck with me - for one reason or another - was hearing a family member of Ramit Sethi looks 15 years younger because he follows the same schedule every day.

I'll settle for looking my age; as long as there is less stress in my life - while still remaining productive.

I wonder if decision fatigue is a huge driver of aging / stress?

Got a bit sidetracked digging for affilate program refferal links in my email.


Walked for 45 minutes last night. Going to try to make it a daily habit.

Working out my back with some rows today.

Found a good article on how to stop playing music on my iPhone at a set time using a custom timer setting 'stop playing'. I wish I knew this feature existed sooner!


hmm need 44 more words to publish this post on 200WordsADay, guess I'll fill up some space by typing some stream on consciousness gibberish until it allows me to fucking post this thing! Only 13 more words to go, I can do this!!! Wooooo almost, there anndddd publish!