Moving Along | J--5-22-2019

Moving Along | J--5-22-2019


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Continuing to study Wes Bos's React course which I highly recommend to anyone, even if you're not a beginner. It helped fill in some knowledge gaps for me.

Right now I'm suck on an undefined / permissions error while trying to connect the React state to Firebase. I'll dig deeper later.

Sleep Quality

Woke up earlier again this morning. I think my body is adjusting to the bi-phase sleep schedule.


Some racing and self-judging thoughts this morning. Not sure where that come from fully. But, I did slip up and eat Taco Bell last night, so that might explain the anxiousness.


Worked out my back again today & went jogging. This time I cut the weight in half. I did three sets of 15 bent rows with 15lbs.

Job Hunt

Exhausted, socially after 7 tech recruiter calls yesterday. But, it's worth it. Got a solid sense of accomplishment before bed. Being that kind of tired is a good problem to have.


I've consumed enough content this week to write my weekly newsletter this morning. I'm excited to send it out & share what I have been watching, reading & browsing.

I think I'm going to craft a couple articles today from Twitter conversations I had. One is about Keto & Ketosis the other about stress and how to recover from it's negative effects.