Productive morning | J--5-20-2019

I had a feeling yesterday; this week will be a promising week for my job hunt.

This morning it was serendipitous; Daniel from CarJoy - a small startup in Orlando - reached out to me via LinkedIn.

I'm excited for what to future holds, but trying to remain grounded. My mind has a habit of drifting off on flights of fancy.

I'm rather productive today, despite the six hours of sleep last night. I'm completing task more quickly than expected.

A little sleep deprivation in sometimes the kick in the face I need to stop thinking & start doing.

Last night, I wrote out several ideas and tasks to perform today. I'm optimistic I will complete 90% of what I set out to do today.

I made sure to add time to nap.

That way I'll have enough stamina to study & work on a CSS / HTML library I started to put together.

I have too many projects up in the air. I'd like to commit to this library so that I have something personalized for my future projects.

Always look for the "force multiplier".

Looking forward to writing out exercises and stretches I did while in the military.

It's time to get structured with my fitness habit. It clearly is helping my mental health.

Reworking my LinkedIn & resume later, to stress my front-end development experience.

Enjoying Hashnode so far!

Only issue I ran into is trying to figure out how to format an iFrame to add a Mail Chimp opt in form. Otherwise, everything else the platform is exactly what I was looking for in a Medium alternative.

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Great post. Keep on this way.

Btw, Meditation has been a tremendous tool in my morning routine to be more grounded.

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Creator of #301DaysOfCode šŸ† &

Thanks Arnaud Assad :)

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Hey Benjamin! We are aware of the Mailchimp issue and are working on a fix. I'll message you once it's pushed to prod. :)

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Creator of #301DaysOfCode šŸ† &

Sandeep Panda You're welcome, happy to help. I'd enjoy being a team member and helping Hashnode grow ^_^